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Fantasy Football is your answer for any fantasy football related disputes. Whether trade, transaction or league rule based, Fantasy Football is here to resolve your fantasy sports debate fairly, quickly and finally.  There is too much on the line, your pride and cash is at stake, so make sure your dispute is ruled upon fairly, appropriately and effectively.


"Because a friendship is worth more than $14.95."

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Case: Stafford for Sproles & Schaub

Case Facts... Sproles and Shaub for Stafford. League blocked the trade siting: "commissioner and at least one other team objected to trade saying Stafford for Sproles is unfair, said it would receiving team too much". Fantasy Football Arbitration Ruling:
Dispute Ruling: Rodgers for Schaub/Holmes/Lynch

In most fantasy trade disputes, managers argue what is "fair" based on only the players involved, as if the trade is an isolated event.  However, this is not the correct way to evaluate a trade.  The essence of a trade is whether it makes both teams better.  This could very well mean that a team who trades Aaron Rodgers for a defense is a good trade if the team trading the defense has Tom Brady as a back up and has no defense (with the defense being the one missing piece for his team to be successful), anyways with that being said:

Snake Drafts: Fantasy Baseball Strategy

For those of you that have not had much success playing fantasy baseball or are just getting started playing fantasy baseball for the first time, there is different strategy that goes into playing snake drafts (where picks go 1-15 and then back 15-1) or in an auction format.

Why Fantasy Baseball Auction Formats

Well if you are anything like me as the time for celebrating your fantasy football championships and grumbling over how close you came in other leagues comes to an end you look at the 8 month span before the next football season and realize there is only one thing to be happy about.  It’s time for some Fantasy Baseball.  I’m sure there are plenty of your hard core players that consider this a year round thing and I have nothing against that but for the majority in the fantasy field we know this is more of a sport to sport game.

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