Fanwood vs. Kimchee

Type of league: Auction/Keeper league dispute using AL players only. Up to 3 years at original contract (A,B,C contracts).  Keep up to 12 players each season. Owners can re-sign player for $5/year after 2nd (B) season.  (ex. BJ Upton is $5 B contract player.  After his B season, he is signed for 4 years ($20).  He becomes a $25 W contract.  If he was unsigned, he would be a $5 C player and available in the auction the year after.)
Salary Cap:  $260 pre-season/draft, $340 in-season.
Free Agents:  $120 per team.  $10 minimum bid.  Weekly auction in-season.
Scoring: 5x5 (Avg., HR, Runs, RBI, SB, ERA, Wins, WHIP, Saves, Ks)

To Fanwood (Currently second place):  
Youkillis $31a
Markakis $13z
Kubel $17a
Kendrick $13z
Litsch $1b
Sabathia $22c.

To Kimchee (Currently 7th place):
Alexei Ramirez $8b
Jon Lester $11y
Eric Bedard $20a
George Kottaras $10a
Justin Speier $10a
Mike Carp $10a

Based on the information provided Fantasy Baseball Arbitration renders this trade slightly unfair in favor of Fanwood. This trade isn’t straightforward because there are complications with salaries and draft keeper slots, however if a team (Fanwood) is trading for now, he must pay a higher value for “quality now” because Kimchee is taking a greater risk on players as well as a risk next year. Therefore Fantasy Baseball Arbitration offers the following suggestion to even out the trade:  Fanwood should take out Bedard and include a higher quality player on contract such as James Shields. If Fanwood is going to get 3 high quality players for this year (Sabathia, Markakis and Youkillis), Kimchee should get at least 2 quality starters for next year (Lester, Shields) and a mid-level player (Ramirez). The rest are relatively non factors.  To even out the trade pitchers to hitters, Fanwood can include Abreu rather than Shields.